So recently I haven’t been shooting as much as I would like to. Part of it is due to busy schedules and lack of “inspiration”. As a learning street photography enthusiast, I’m still trying to find what exact approach or style I can express more naturally than the other. I’ve been sticking with film photography to help “slow down” and think about my image before taking it. With digital I’ve found myself having hundreds of meaningless photos, but using film has cut those numbers down in half per day; with having  a handful of pictures that were actually keepable.

Still, a lot of shots on those rolls can be utterly crap, and that’s where lack of inspiration can come and eat you up. But then I’m reminded of Garry Winogrand, who shot over 5,850,000 photos with film in his lifespan. Then I realize I’m shooting too little!

So I then of course would try to search for that lighting strike, by trying to find photos of today’s street photographers. And it took me a while to find one that didn’t have digital HDR portraits of homeless people, but then I found this guy.

Vladimir aka “Camera Man”

Vladimir is a local street photographer based in San Francisco, California. Like any real street photographer, his photos definitely “reek with the smell of the streets.”

Okay, honestly I was looking for my next purchase for a Leica M2 or M3, and then found his unique Leica M2 stripped of paint, before seeing his work. (I’ll post his camera at the end.)  But I’m glad I found out about him either way.

Anyways, enough of me talking, and more of his work.

And now the beautiful “Mickie and Minnie” Leica M2’s. Chemically removed the paint to expose the raw brass plates. (I’m even more obsessed now to own an M2 because of this.) (Photos via Citysnaps.Net)

to see more of his work, click HERE

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