Today, I decided to lay my finger off of my usual go to cameras. Now I’m really not the instant film type guy, but it’s always fun shooting them! Went hipster today with this 60’s era Polaroid land camera, the 250 Automatic. Check out those sweet bellows!

Shots from today.

For those not familiar with these particular types of polaroid cameras, the image is processed in a special type of film referred to as peel apart film. You would physically pull the film slide of the frame you had just exposed, and wait a certain suggested amount of seconds before peeling the negative side to reveal a positive image.( see image below) Not the typical auto snap shot film that mechanically shoots out your picture and you shake it like Andre 3000. Now since Polaroid doesn’t make these peel apart films anymore, you can still rely on good old Fuji. I’m shot these images with Fujifilm FP-3000b. Which is now the only black and white peel apart they make now a days. (BRING BACK the 100b and 500b!!!)

I bought this camera because; 1) It’s a Carl Zeiss Rangerfinder and I’m a hipster, and 2) I really wanted to shoot peel apart film. The format results are great from this camera, almost like having a mini portable 4×5 large format camera ( I know a lot will disagree). If you’re ever interested in trying these out, don’t hesitate! They are fairly affordable, unless you find a 185, 190, 195, or any of the manual version with the Mamiya lenses. Not sure how this would work on the streets considering they are obnoxiously flashy and big, but then you should probably stick to your 35mm rangefinder or p&s. Hope you enjoyed!

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